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Sunset Over New York City
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Barkada Market Market begin Oct 24, 2020 the idea was to bring everyone together who had helped us from the beginning. We were buying food from local restaurants and chefs to help support their business or we received donations of food to distribute to our front liners. We wanted to celebrate everyones hard work. We had been hosting small pop ups at Kabisera in LES like halo halo pop ups to help fund raise. So we decided to try doing it at Kabisera, as the planning went on we realized that maybe this could be something, its bringing the community together. We also wanted to set an example of how it is like to work together. We can all help each other and support each other and still succeed keeping all the negative emotions of greed, jealousy, and hate aside. We wanted to show the community that we can do great things when we work together. The last part was branding this event, they have smorgusborg and queens night market so why not give this gathering a name as well. We chose the name "Market Market" because of the Market Market in Manila which is a indoor/outdoor mall that has everything from food to toys, all kinds of merchandise etc. So we figured that would be the perfect name. We have a community of artist, creatives, chefs, entrepreneurs, business owners, musicians that all have something to bring to the table and show case their crafts. This is just the foundation of somethings bigger. We plan on taking the Barkada Market Market to different cities and working with different communities. Somehow everyone knows everyone and why not bridge the gaps between us and all work together. 

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