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"By bringing the Jeepny to life, we aim to grow a deeper connection with the Filipinx-Americans and represent a strong cultural identity of Asian heritage tying history, art and community from the heart of New York City."


On behalf of the Filipinx-American community, We, Project Barkada, a New York City based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with it’s mission to spread camaraderie through shared love for the AAPI culture and community would like to ask your support in our effort to bring one of Philippine’s most cultural icons to life in America– the Jeepney.

Known today as Philippines' most popular mode of public transportation, Jeepneys truly hold a fragment of art and culture born from the Spanish-American War. Scrap auto parts from American military vehicles matched with kitschy and bright colorful decor expressing mostly pride, and religion were used to build the first of its kind. From pre-world war II to date, the Jeepney has become a living cultural icon of Asian heritage that exists today tying history, art, and community. 

Our intention is to share this story in the United States. Currently, while the jeepneys are planned to phase out in the Philippines this year due to economic and environmental initiatives, we aim to raise $30,000 to restore an old jeepney we have acquired over the past years. With this value, we would be able to preserve a jeepney and save a piece of history., This will enable us to completely repair all of its damaged parts to be used in the streets safely. Through this, we hope to fundamentally lift spirits while representing a strong cultural identity. 

We thank you in advance for your kind support, Your donation, would provide the Jeepney with its well deserved tender loving care. Below are key items we wish to improve to have the Jeepny be represented at its best: 

BUILD: Removal of all damaged mechanical parts to be repaired with new customized parts fitting its design. 

LEGALITIES: Handling paperwork and safety hazards to make sure the Jeepny runs safely and approved for transportation.

DESIGN: A true Philippine Jeepney would not be recognized without its colorful and kitschy decor. From its' exterior body to its' interior design and seating pads, we want to ensure this Jeepney delivers its pure essence. 

TRANSPORTATION: As we plan to bring the Jeepney to different parts of the US, this would help cover some logistical costs including a truck to bring the Jeepney to the Highways. 

Donate to Preserve the Jeepny

Thanks for your donation!

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