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In March 2023, the President of the Philippines acknowledged the gravity of the water crisis, stating that 11 million families lack access to clean water as the dry season approaches...


Since Philippines is an archipelagic country surrounded with water, it has grown a deep vulnerability to climate change challenging its rapid growth in urbanization. Though blessed with pristine water and beaches, the country is currently facing a water crisis. The change in water levels and temperature have completely affected the country's agriculture and water supply drying up its water dams where households rely to source clean and potable water. As a result, a shortage of water supply encourages illegal water tapping, and obstruction of proper water distribution in urbanized areas of the Philippines. 

Manila, known as it's capital, is increasingly facing this challenge. The National Economic and Development Authority of the Philippines (NEDA) criticizes water management in the Philippines as the country relies heavily on outdated underground aquifers which needs massive improvement. The organization says 'surface water and groundwater in some areas remain contaminated because of open defecation, and improper management and disposal of human excreta and blackwater. These expose communities to waterborne diseases', a significant public health hazard many Filipinos face today.

As an effort, Project Barkada initiates its' Tubig Project to help clean waters in heavily polluted and underdeveloped areas in little ways. To start, the organization is partnering with local volunteers of Gagalangin, Tondo, Manila- A section of Metro Manila's most populated district, to aid in fixing its canal infrastructure. The project aims to make sure Gagalangin's access to clean water supply does not cross contaminate with pipes that hosts human waste and blackwater. As Metro Manila's population grows exponentially, infrastructure updates like these have been overlooked as government focuses on other economic efforts. 


We aim to raise $80,000 to help fund this project. With this initiative, we wish to help rehabilitate 608 square meters of the area's drainage canal system, including alley cementing and water pipe relocation. This effort affects a land area of 30,500 sq meters providing safe water access to 600+ families living in the neighborhood.  By helping one community at a time, Project Barkada hopes that together, we can promote awareness to fight climate change while we aid projects that are heavily affected by it.

An open pavement exposing water piping in Tondo Manila in which access to clean water is contaminating with black water. 

Help raise $80,000 and aid in cleaning the  waters of Tondo, Manila

Thanks for your donation!

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